Local Face Detection & Cloud Based Facial Recognition

Camera detects human faces locally, then uses cloud based facial recognition to retrieve the person's name.

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Wireless FPGA Programming and Deployment

Program FPGA bitstreams to flash over WiFi, HTTPS and MQTT via www.gnarlygrey.com

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Smallest JPEG Encoder in iCE40 Ultraplus FPGA

Compress images from a camera or bitmaps at over 10x in very low cost FPGA using this ultra resource efficient 3.5K LUT JPEG Encoder

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RISC-V + 8MB HyperRAM in iCE40 Ultraplus 5K FPGA

Open Source PicoSoC/PicoRV32 RISC-V SoC project with additional HyperRAM memory controller for extra RAM

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Camera Image Extractor FPGA Design

Extract Images from Omnivision OV7670 VGA camera via FPGA and Microcontroller to a computer serial terminal window.

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Efficient 2D Graphics Processing Accelerator in Small iCE40 Ultraplus FPGA

A 2D graphics processor with built in frame buffer using Lattice Ultraplus FPGA and a small iPod Nano display.

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USB to SPI FPGA Design for Flash Programing

Convert USB v1.1 to UART using FPGA. Provides an alternative to expensive bridge ICs with more flexibility.

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FPGA Workshop Designs by Miodrag

A variety of open source projects using UPDuino v2.0 and the workshop badge expansion board

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